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Thursday, March 8

What to do, what to do?!

Hello all! It is Stephanie once again guest blogging from the land of 10,000 lakes. I told Allison that I would fill-in for today and talk to you about my current dilemma. I recently moved into a great new apartment and have a beautiful bay window overlooking a conservation forest. My dilemma is that I can't decide what to do with this beautiful section of my apartment. So I figured I'd post some of my ideas for your viewing pleasure, and hopefully make some sort of decision by the time I am finished writing this post!

Below are the contenders, all pictures Allison and I found on Pinterest:

I really like the idea of having two different chairs with a side table. I cannot think of how many times I will be at a furniture store or HomeGoods and see one great chair, but be sad because it does not have a partner. I think that in this space a mix-and-match pair of chairs would look great.

My bay window is facing South and has a lot of great light. I plan on purchasing some sort of table to be home to my growing plant collection (one is a peace lily that Allison bought my fiance Phill)!

I really like the way that the window treatments in this picture soften the window and add drama. The ceiling in my apartment are very high. I think that long window treatments would add a nice touch.

This one is my favorite so far! It has the long window treatments, the mismatched chairs, and a great side table to hold plants and my coffee mug in the morning (although, I think I'll need a bigger table). I hope you enjoyed this guest post. I am off to search the web for some window panels!

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