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Thursday, March 1


Sometimes I think about adding more of a cooking element to Halcyon Style or starting up another blog entirely. Then I realize that I really don't have the time to indulge myself. The reality is that I really do enjoy cooking, albeit not so much in my teensy kitchen, and my cookbook and recipe collection is ever growing. So please pardon this interruption while I geek out.

In addition to my plethora of design related books I have a slight cookbook obsession. Those picture above are only a handful that I had on hand {more of my favorites are at my parent's house on the cape since I find it much more enjoyable to cook in their large and airy kitchen}. My favorite cookbooks not only include delicious recipes but also feature memoir-esque text. I enjoy reading about what motivated the authors to become chefs and the background of their recipes. Is that weird? 

These are my go to books:

Of course I don't limit myself to cookbooks alone. I've had a subscription to Bon Appetit for many years now and some of the shelter magazine's I invest in also have recipe sections. Have you read the March issue of BA? I want to make everything in it, I spent about three hours reading every word and caption the other night.

How do I avoid the inevitable clutter magazines produce? My trick is to dismantle them every six months or so and store my favorite recipes or those I'd like to make one day in three-ring binders. Categorized, of course. I'm OC after all. 

And of course I can't forget my beloved cooking blogs and recipe websites.

{Images via Halcyon Style, Amazon, & Pinterest}

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  1. I love this! I totally used to pull out the pages of BA and Cooking Light and put them in 3 ring binders-but I had to throw them all out when we moved-sad. I can't wait to start up the habit again when we're back in the States!!