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Tuesday, March 20

Abstract Living Room

Let me preface this post by stating that I am not a creeper... I repeat, NOT a creeper. However the inspiration for this colorful and bright living room comes from peeking though brownstone windows on my way home in the evenings. It can't be helped really, it's dark out and these parlor level living spaces are lit from within. It's only natural that passersby are drawn to these focal points. Anyway on my way home every night I see this lovely room, well I see bits and pieces. I know there are gold light fixtures, grey walls, bright artwork and a parsons bookcase. The rest is what my imagination has filled in. 
I used a selection of gorgeous artwork from Sally King Benedict and Amanda Stone Talley as a jumping off point. Keeping the furnishings a neutral base allows the artwork and accessories to shine. There's a desk tucked into the living room because apartments are tiny up north and rooms must multitask. But just imagine the bookshelf full of colorful books, boxes and artistic decor. This design almost makes me want to change my own design plan...

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