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Thursday, February 2

Super Posh Barn

 Featured in Southern Living designer Stephen Gambrel {Manhattanite by desire, Virginia by birth} recently transformed an old cow barn into a luxurious casual retreat and entertainment space. Situated on a horse farm in Middleburg, VA the design aesthetic was heavily influenced by the horsey set.  

You wont find any vintage riding gear or lamps shaped as various saddlery elements a la Ralph Lauren but rather it is evoked through the display of the family's extensive collection of photographs featuring friends and family participating in equestrian activities.

And let's not forget the striking colors used on barn doors and decorative railings - a nod to the farm's old racing silks. 

Why do I have a sense that this is one barn where you have to remove your work boots before stepping inside? 

{Images shot by Eric Piasecki for Southern Living}

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