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Monday, February 13

Gallery Walls

 Thanks to my former life as a gallerina I can hang artwork with my eyes closed, hopping on one foot. Despite this I never tire of it and continue to drool over fabulously curated arrangements hung salon style. Since rearranging all my furniture I've yet to re-hang my own collection. I hope to knock out my own gallery wall behind my sofa this afternoon {that is if I start feeling better, if not I'll probably resort to renting Breaking Dawn and collapsing on said sofa}. Scroll through the images below for hanging instructions.

Not a hanging pro? Check out these directions for creating your own gallery. 

I generally follow the same practice but usually start by clearing off a section of my floor and play with a puzzle of pieces until I'm satisfied. I usually try to keep spacing equal but that's not crucial. Some people creating kraft paper templates and then transfer that to the wall but I tend to eyeball it:

1. Hold up the lowest center-most piece leaving the desired height between it and the floor or article of furniture. Make light pencil mark along the top of the frame in the center. 
2. Next, take a measuring tap and holding the wire taut and measure the distance from the wire and the top of the frame. 
3. Now measure down from the mark on the wall the desired distance. This is where you'll hammer in the nail. If using a hanger place the bottom at this mark NOT the nail. 
4. Simply work out and around from this first piece! 

{Images via Pinterest}

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