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Wednesday, February 29

Four Posters

I've always loved the dreamy grandeur of a four poster bed. Sadly condo living doesn't really make having one a feasible; low ceilings and a fan make it quite impossible. Too bad really, they're gorgeous; curtained, canopied, open frame. 

It's hard not to imagine that the view from those windows is the ocean or a beachfront of some kind. 

This dark charcoal paired with the sky blue of the bed frame is a spectacular combination. 

Growing up my parents had bed's just like these in our guest room. Except ours weren't painted bright yellow, they were tiger maple. Yellow's fun though. 

Love the mood that the dark green velvet and black bed finish creates. Perfect contrast to the white walls and ceiling. 

Brilliant use of La Fiorentina on the bedskirt and as the canopy. 

Mid-century modern. 

{Images via Pinterest}

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