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Wednesday, February 29

Four Posters

I've always loved the dreamy grandeur of a four poster bed. Sadly condo living doesn't really make having one a feasible; low ceilings and a fan make it quite impossible. Too bad really, they're gorgeous; curtained, canopied, open frame. 

It's hard not to imagine that the view from those windows is the ocean or a beachfront of some kind. 

This dark charcoal paired with the sky blue of the bed frame is a spectacular combination. 

Growing up my parents had bed's just like these in our guest room. Except ours weren't painted bright yellow, they were tiger maple. Yellow's fun though. 

Love the mood that the dark green velvet and black bed finish creates. Perfect contrast to the white walls and ceiling. 

Brilliant use of La Fiorentina on the bedskirt and as the canopy. 

Mid-century modern. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Tuesday, February 28

Design Crush: Koo de Kir

I Can't believe it's taken me so long to blog about one of my favorite neighborhood design firms, Koo de Kir, especially since their studio is just a few blocks away from my home. Led by principle and founder Kristine Irving, Koo de Kir's design philosophy is all about finding the harmony and balance between opposites. Old and new; layered and minimal, modern and classic, fresh and traditional. 

I adore their studio space, I pass by it everyday on my way to and from work. The white walls mimic a blank canvas just waiting for memos and design plans to be displayed. 

{Images via Koo de Kir

Monday, February 27

Lulie Wallace

Simultaneously trolling the internet while watching the Oscars I came across the artwork of Lulie Wallace. And my obsession with flowers continues. Working in acrylics the Charleston-based Wallace strives to turn the ordinary, everyday into unique and remarkable through color, texture and shape. 

The vivid colors and artistic style remind me of a more cheerful Van Gogh. I wouldn't mind having one of these beautiful bouquets in my kitchen {that is once the cabinets have been painted and the laminate counters replaced!} to brighten things up. 

{Images via Lulie Wallace}

Friday, February 24

Friday Night Cocktails

Went to bed late.
Got up late.
It's snowing.
Hair is a mess.
Surprisingly made it to work on time.
And am hosting Book Club/Wine Night tonight at my place. 
Image below are all the preparations I was able to make before falling into bed last night. 
Oh boy!

So, let's pretend my place will look like this...

I'll serve up some delicious food...

And beverages...

And get home in time to be able to throw together one awesome outfit...

{Images 2,3,4,5 via Pinterest}

Thursday, February 23

French Bistro Classic

Want to add an instant does of charm and casual chic to your kitchen or breakfast nook? Look no further than the gorgeous french cafe chair. Made from rattan {yes, rattan can be sexy as long as it's not  1970s patio furniture} with woven seats and backs these lovelies have long populated the sidewalks of Paris; providing relief to wandering tourists and people-watching parisians alike. I love the way they're at home in a wealth of interior styles from rustic to sleek spaces.