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Thursday, January 19

Wrought Iron Woes

Recently during a leisurely day of window shopping my friend, Alex, expressed interest in purchasing a new bed; a wrought iron bed. She was especially intrigued with one found at the local Anthropologie. 
While a lovely bed complete with ornamental vine and flowers, I had my reservations.

 The first was a safety concern, "Aren't you worried about injuring yourself, those leaves look sharpe!" It should be known that I am somewhat of a klutz (it's cool though, this isn't a romantic comedy - go read Mindy Kaling's book!) especially where edges of furniture or door frames are concerned. So this bed would definitely become a device of medieval torture in my own apartment. 

My second concern stems from that fact that I'm often reading or slaving away on the laptop while in bed. How can leaning your head against wrought iron be comfortable? Wouldn't it be cold, especially in winter? How would it feel to have the back of your head resting between two iron bars? 

Owners of wrought iron beds, do tell, good, bad, ugly? They certainly seem gorgeous enough...

A solution to the reading-in-bed drama...a combination of upholstery and wrought iron.

{Images via Pinterest}

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