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Friday, January 20

Nature, Inside

It finally snowed here last night. Even though just the other day I was exclaiming that it wasn't right not to see the parks blanketed in white, I now miss the green grass! Oh well, call me Miss Contradictory. What a perfect day to talk about the importance of green plants in your interior decor.  

My mom always sent me back to boarding school and college with new plants {always new because I have the blackest of black thumbs} every year because "your brain needs all that good oxygen they produce." And it doesn't hurt that a great indoor plant or tree can make a room spectacular. 


I would be a bad Floridian if palms weren't my preferred indoor trees. And there's such a variety of shapes and sizes. For a good breakdown of indoor trees check out this article from the WSJ. 

{Images via Pinterest}

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