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Monday, January 23

Built-In Love

A little Pinterest randomness for your viewing pleasure this Monday morning. Three very different but gorgeous rooms. This range of styles displayed below aptly illustrates why I'm having such difficulty deciding on how to decorate my own home. 

I love this dining room! I remember reading the accompanying article in Elle Decor some months ago; the family who belong to this space use this as a study center when not entertaining formally. I would have sold my beanie baby collection to do homework here! 

What can I say? An amazing juxtaposition of tailored and rustic styles. I can imagine curling up on that settee with a good book and a cuppa on a blustery, snowy day. There's also a roaring fire {I'm 100% certain there's a fireplace off-camera}. 

There's so much I enjoy about this room {and some elements I hate}. Let's discuss the arched tops to these bookcases, love. Let's also talk about the combination of pink and navy which is what I'm leaning towards for my main living area, though the wall color would be less saturated. Let's not bother about everything else. 

{Images via Pinterest}

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