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Wednesday, January 25

Bedside Tables

Some call them nightstands, but I prefer the term bedside tables. What is a nightstand really? Whatever you choose to call them they are an integral part of the bedroom seconded only to the bed, in my humble opinion. 

If you're like me you can often be found reading the paper, checking email, blogging, and general surfing of the internet all while lounging in bed. You'll therefore appreciate the need for a bedside table that is one part beautiful and four parts functional mini workstation. No minimalist 15 x 15 inch table for me but rather cue the three-drawer chest to contain the mess and trays to prettify the
 bare necessities - kleenex, hand cream, lip balm, stray jewelry, etc. 

 There's no rule for what makes a bedside table, they can be dressers, open shelving, ottomans, nesting tables... We could go on but I'll stop and just chat about my favorite options.

Open Concept 
Plenty of room for storing piles of books and magazines. You never know when insomnia will strike and you need to calm your mind with your favorite shelter mags.  

Skirted Storage 
Maybe you don't want everyone to see your collection of historical romance novels. For real though, I love the casual elegance of a fitted table skirt. 

 Vintage Luggage
Trunks, stacked suitcases. Top with a large tray to provide added stability and safety from spilled beverages. Trust me, you do not want to spill your coffee on these expensive beauties. 

 Extra Storage
Three-drawer chests make great bedside tables and give you some extra drawer space. Go on, buy that new sweater. Need a way to corral your reading materials as well as some sweaters and tees? Try adding a smaller bench or ottoman just in front of the chest. 

{Images via Pinterest & Rue}

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