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Wednesday, December 21

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Hello once again! This is Allison's friend Stephanie. I thought I would give our fearless leader a holiday and create another blog post in her honor. I am currently living out in the Minneapolis area and will be moving into a new apartment with my fiancé. I am very excited to use this new apartment as an opportunity to start fresh and redecorate.

One new item that I have been searching for is a new tray or catch-all to place keys, change and other miscellaneous items in upon entering the apartment. The current dish I possess turned out to be too small to well, catch-ALL. This blog post will be a perfect opportunity to present to you some of my current ideas and some other nifty items I saw browsing Pinterest.

First, I have included below some of the catch-alls that are more appropriate for an entryway (and more likely to be "man-approved.")
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Phew, now that we got those out of the way, I can show you the ones I truly adore for myself.
Found on Pinterest

Pinterest strikes again...

I do hope you have a Pinterest account to see this one...

From Urban Outfitters (and a pretty good deal too!)

An Etsy find

A trend that I noticed while scouring the internet looking for trays and catch-alls was that many people use repurposed frames. Take a look at some of these.

Last, I tried to think of what Allison would pick out were she to include some photos in this blog post.

This is the first one I found. The color is her and the chevron pattern is definitely her! I found this on

I know this one would hold a dear place in her heart as well. From Pinterest.

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