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Thursday, December 8

Officially Obsessed...

Every couple of months I turn around and the nice, neat stack of magazines and catalogs on my coffee table has morphed into a mini-mountain range. I usually grab my handy x-acto knife and get to work sorting through the piles and clipping what ever I want to keep. I was happily going about this task while watching television last night when I came across the latest Serena and Lily catalog. I don't even recall browsing through it but inside its delightfully stylized pages I found this:

Not the blanket nor the ottoman... the metallic suede & hemp rug! I may have squealed in delight when I first saw it. How could I have missed this before? Consider me officially obsessed. It would be killer as a runner in my entryway... hmmm...

{Images via Serena & Lily}

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