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Monday, December 26

Boxing Day - Off Duty

I hope everyone (who celebrates) had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! I had a great time watching my 18 month old niece open her gifts from Santa; she even helped open some other presents as well. Santa brought my mom a brand new MacBook which I'm happily using to write this post today instead of that dinosaur PC in my father's office. Thank goodness! 

I received some fabulous presents as well, including some great design books, but I am most grateful for the time spent with my family. Today we're off to the beach to create more sand castles for my niece to destroy in a Godzilla-esque fashion. 

And let's have a round -of-applause for Stephanie who guest posted for me on Wednesday and Thursday last week! She's such an amazing friend to give me a few days off and a natural born blogger. Maybe she'll come back to post about her new apartment in Minnesota...what do you say, Steph?

Back to normal posting tomorrow... Happy Monday!

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