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Monday, November 28

Whimsical Windows at BG

Should we start a drinking game for how many times I start a post with "it's that time of year"? Well, drink up. They're back, the elaborately designed Holiday Windows at NYC's celebrated Bergdorf Goodman! In case you missed last year's check out this post. This year's theme, Carnival of the Animals, is equally as stunning. We should expect no less from David Hoey and his visual team who spend more than two years crafting these dreamlike escapes... my favorite is this snowy banquette vignette, what's yours?

For more detailed shots of this masterpieces head on over to Habitually Chic. Also, check out Bergdorf's sweet holiday video! Be sure to watch all the way to the end!

{Photography by Ricky Zehavi for Bergdorf Goodman}

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