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Tuesday, November 22

A Perfect Study Space XXXIV

You need a home office but you are: lacking square-footage? Hate visible clutter? Want your own personalized space in a shared home? If you answered any of these with a yes then you might be intrigued  by the idea of transforming a spare closet into a tiny office space. The beauty of this is that you can kick the door shut when company comes over or when you're tired of seeing all your bills, magazine clippings and etc. It also allows you to be as bold as you want with color, texture, pattern without it being a permanent fixture in your decor style (aka kick the door shut). 

Love the clean lines with the pops of bright turquoise. 

You know you've always wanted a disco ball light fixture in your office...

Bold Wallpaper I...

And Bold Wallpaper II. {Side note, both remind me of Joules UK...}

Go bold with color - love the grey blue paired with the orangey-red. 

{Images via Pinterest}

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