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Wednesday, November 30

The Porcelain Cake

I'm so excited to finally share with you the top secret project I've been working on for the past few weeks!   A while ago my sister-in-law asked me to help her set up a website for her business. She's a fabulously talented sculptress who specializes in creating miniature replicas of a couple's wedding cake. These porcelain cakes are almost perfectly replicated from the tiniest frosting design and decorations. 

She turns porcelain clay into miniature masterpieces:

These are the perfect way to remember your own special day or to give as a wedding gift to friends. Check out her new website, The Porcelain Cake for more beautiful images and to learn about the process of turning a ball of clay into an instant heirloom.

{Images via The Porcelain Cake}

Monday, November 28

Whimsical Windows at BG

Should we start a drinking game for how many times I start a post with "it's that time of year"? Well, drink up. They're back, the elaborately designed Holiday Windows at NYC's celebrated Bergdorf Goodman! In case you missed last year's check out this post. This year's theme, Carnival of the Animals, is equally as stunning. We should expect no less from David Hoey and his visual team who spend more than two years crafting these dreamlike escapes... my favorite is this snowy banquette vignette, what's yours?

For more detailed shots of this masterpieces head on over to Habitually Chic. Also, check out Bergdorf's sweet holiday video! Be sure to watch all the way to the end!

{Photography by Ricky Zehavi for Bergdorf Goodman}

Friday, November 25

Homes for the Holidays: Scandinavian Charm

Today's Black Friday which means two things: I will be spending the day as far away from the malls as possible and it's officially acceptable to start putting up holiday decorations! Every Friday from now until Christmas I'll be posting homes all decked out for the holidays. Check out this bright and cheery home in the Danish countryside. I love the rustic and minimalist vibe to the decorations.

{Images via Lantliv}

Wednesday, November 23

Thanksgiving Style

While this year I'll probably spend Thanksgiving at the beach before my family goes out to dinner, I chose to put together some Turkey Day style as if I'd be spending the holiday up north. It's funny that I spent the first twelve years of my life celebrating the holiday in sunny Florida but I'll always think of cold-weather, afternoon touch football, and eating dessert in front of a roaring fire when I think of Thanksgiving. Ironically it's not Christmas without light-covered palm trees...

Thanksgiving Daytime; do you play football or jump in piles of leaves?

Thanksgiving Evening; show some respect for your relatives who spent all day slaving away...

Tuesday, November 22

A Perfect Study Space XXXIV

You need a home office but you are: lacking square-footage? Hate visible clutter? Want your own personalized space in a shared home? If you answered any of these with a yes then you might be intrigued  by the idea of transforming a spare closet into a tiny office space. The beauty of this is that you can kick the door shut when company comes over or when you're tired of seeing all your bills, magazine clippings and etc. It also allows you to be as bold as you want with color, texture, pattern without it being a permanent fixture in your decor style (aka kick the door shut). 

Love the clean lines with the pops of bright turquoise. 

You know you've always wanted a disco ball light fixture in your office...

Bold Wallpaper I...

And Bold Wallpaper II. {Side note, both remind me of Joules UK...}

Go bold with color - love the grey blue paired with the orangey-red. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Monday, November 21

Festive Tabletop

I love the gorgeous purple theme happening in this Thanksgiving tablescape. A departure from the normal yellows, oranges, and browns of traditional thanksgiving table settings but still a lovely fall color theme. 


{Image via  Pinterest}

Friday, November 18

Real Rooms, Real Color

This morning I stumbled upon Room for Color 2011 sponsored by Apartment Therapy and Farrow & Ball and was knocked speechless by a couple of the rooms entered. I want to jump into these images and take up residence. Take a look and tell me you're not floored as well...

First up is Sara's "Smoke, Citron and Cream" Room. I mean, those dark smoky walls & bookshelves paired with the elegant, upholstered pieces and spectacular chandelier are absolute perfection!

Next we have Charmaine's "Modern Glam" Room and let me tell you, "glamourous" doesn't event begin to sum up the amazingness. Is there anything better than a turquoise and gray color theme? Is there?

 And finally, Mallory's "Neutral Love" Room with it's chic combination of steely gray walls and warm chocolate velvet sofa. The neutral linen and metallic accents finish this cozy space. 

What adds to my utter amazement is that these are real, lived in spaces that have achieved the same jaw-dropping effect that professional designers showcase in shelter magazine across the globe. 

{Images via Apartment Therapy}

Thursday, November 17

A Bachelor's Pad?

Billed as a bachelor pad, this california home design by Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas could easily transition into a comfortable family home. The article claims that "everything says 'dude'" but I'm not so convinced. Nothing screams MALE save for perhaps the large antlers in the hallway and the TV found in the outdoor lounge area. 

Love the whitewashed bricks paired with that gorgeous bluish-black front door. 

The only thing I would change, as a female, would be some colorful drapes. Perfection.

Behold the majesty of antlers and hockey gear; it's almost like a NFL star lives here, oh wait, one does. I love the antlers but sports gear belongs in the garage.  

The "man cave" otherwise known as the media room. 

I ADORE this kitchen. 

This bathtub may be larger than my entire bathroom...le sigh. It's probably one of those tubs that keeps the water warm too.

Seriously, why do you need a TV in the outdoor living space. So many other uses when there's already a huge media space; why not read, have a cocktail party, play jenga, etc. 

{Images by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful}

Wednesday, November 16


Hands down my favorite accessory for the fall and winter are big, comfy scarves. They go beyond keeping your neck warm on those cold days, they add instant chic to any outfit. 

Here are some scarves that have caught my eye...

{Images via Pinterest}