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Friday, October 21

Jazz it up with Faux

We all know that (faux) fur is big again this fall/winter in both fashion and interior styling. While I've never been tempted before to throw on that trendy fur vest or scarf (faux or otherwise) I have been drawn to using it in my home. I've considered buying a faux throw to drape over my sofa this winter but then I saw this image...

Using (faux) fur pelts to make dining chairs more comfortable? Why not? I too have rather uncomfortable wooden chairs  that i spend a lot of time sitting in since my dining table is also my desk. Not only would it make the chairs more comfortable but it would also be warm, especially useful for drafty old farmhouses (or apartments) or for home where the menfolk hate turning up the heat. 

Love this idea for an outdoor wedding/party in the early fall when the night temperatures tend to drop significantly.

Technically not a dining chair, these metal frame chairs can be mighty uncomfortable without some kind of cushion.

Also not a dining chair, but it looks super cozy to sit for a bit. I imagine it in an entry way: the perfect place to sit and remove winter boots to avoid that unfortunate wobbling and grabbing of the nearest wall or door frame to avoid toppling experience (you ALL know what I'm referring to...).

{Images via Pinterest}

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