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Wednesday, October 12

Corinthian Glamour

Have you heard of The Corinthian Club? This marvel of a Victorian architecture was originally built in 1842 to house the Glasgow Ship Bank and features highly embellished with sculptural and decorative elements. Unfortunately these wonders were hidden away behind false walls and ceilings during its tenure as a court house in the early 20th century. Painstakingly restored to its former glory in 1999 the Corinthian Club was born.  Located in the fashion capital of Scotland, the Corinthian Club is a fabulous venue featuring restaurants, bars, casino, nightclubs and private rooms for nighttime and daytime glamour. Tellers Bar & Brasserie and Bootleg are my favorite spaces...truly drool-worthy and I think you'll agree. 

Royal colored velvet banquets paired with Louis XV canopy chairs...heart palpitations. 

Bootleg: a snazzy little watering hole stocked with only the finest matured spirits. What a phenomenal place to have a wee dram. 

{Images via the Corinthian Club}

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