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Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween Monday!

I hope everyone trick-or-treating tonight with kiddos has a great time! While I'm not that into dressing up anymore I do still love to carve pumpkins. Check out some from recent years - unfortunately I didn't get to carve any big guns this year due to the heat waves rotting all the local pumpkins before carving time. 

I came across these awesome bejeweled pumpkins on Pinterest. Maybe I'll make one next year for my sparkle-loving sister-in-law... 

{First & Last Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, October 27

Weekend Escape: Vermont Cottage

Now is the time of year to visit New Hampshire and Vermont to take in the beautiful fall foliage. Well, it usually is, I think perhaps good old Irene may have messed up this year's bounty. If I was going to have a cottage up there I'd want something like this one in Woodstock, Vermont. Cheery colors and a range of design combinations make this one funky getaway. 

The range of furnishing styles absolutely works in this space. It lends to that cottage getaway feel. 

I wish I had a home office (instead of a dining table/desk) when I see gorgeous inspiration boards like these!

Love the dramatic black wall turned headboard paired with the classic and fanciful bedding. 

{Images by Ditte Isager via House Beautiful}

Wednesday, October 26

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

For all those who think that the "pouf" is the hottest thing to come from the souk, make way for the the handira, otherwise known as a Moroccan Wedding Blanket. These beautiful blankets are hand-woven by a bride's female relatives in honor of her marriage using natural materials such as sheep's wool, linen and cotton. Once woven each blanket is further adorned with hundreds of mirrored sequins. Lately these blankets have been appearing all over the place in interior spaces from glamourous bed coverings to glitzy wall hangings. 

I know you want one are some sources I rounded up for vintage handiras:

{Images via Pinterest}

Tuesday, October 25

A Perfect Study Space XXX

Rustic glam for this home office. I can see stacks of design books and shelter magazines on the trestle bases. And I would add more linen covered bulletin boards for all my inspiration images!

Monday, October 24

The New Personal Assistant

You've been living in a bubble if you haven't heard all about the new iPhone... and it's interactive personal assistant function by the name of "Siri." Ask her anything (appropriate or not) and she'll give you an answer. One of my friends introduced me to this link, where I found three very different and interesting answers to "the meaning of life"...

Have a Happy Monday!

Friday, October 21

Jazz it up with Faux

We all know that (faux) fur is big again this fall/winter in both fashion and interior styling. While I've never been tempted before to throw on that trendy fur vest or scarf (faux or otherwise) I have been drawn to using it in my home. I've considered buying a faux throw to drape over my sofa this winter but then I saw this image...

Using (faux) fur pelts to make dining chairs more comfortable? Why not? I too have rather uncomfortable wooden chairs  that i spend a lot of time sitting in since my dining table is also my desk. Not only would it make the chairs more comfortable but it would also be warm, especially useful for drafty old farmhouses (or apartments) or for home where the menfolk hate turning up the heat. 

Love this idea for an outdoor wedding/party in the early fall when the night temperatures tend to drop significantly.

Technically not a dining chair, these metal frame chairs can be mighty uncomfortable without some kind of cushion.

Also not a dining chair, but it looks super cozy to sit for a bit. I imagine it in an entry way: the perfect place to sit and remove winter boots to avoid that unfortunate wobbling and grabbing of the nearest wall or door frame to avoid toppling experience (you ALL know what I'm referring to...).

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, October 20

Neutral Territory

I am smitten with this room from the 2011 Princess Margaret Show Home. My interior mood has been in neutral territory lately and this living room nails it. Chevron patterned natural wood flooring and bright white walls set the stage for some amazing interior elements. The oversize mirrors lend moorish appeal and the leather safari chairs sends you to the spanish countryside. I'm loving all the raw wood elements scattered around as well. 

1 Safari Camp Chair :: Ralph Lauren Hone
2 Amsterdam Mirror :: BoBo Intriguing Objects

{Photography by Michael Graydon via Canadian House & Home}

Wednesday, October 19

Dream Kitchen

Those who religiously read each month's House Beautiful will have already encountered this dreamy kitchen - the 2011Kitchen of the Year. Designed by chef Tyler Florence and Lori Yeomans, this space evokes the vibe of the late-Victorian period service kitchens: loads of workspace, black, white, wood-tones...I could definitely whip up some culinary masterpieces in here.   

Great little office area that closes up when you want to be in denial about clutter...

Love the idea of having a "living" area in the kitchen; you already spend a lot of time in the kitchen why not make it more appealing for your and your family or guests.

{Images by Shanna Ravindra via House Beautiful}

Tuesday, October 18

A Perfect Study Space XXIX

A little office corner for your bahamian retreat  - the perfect place to catch keys, write postcards and display treasures collected from the sea. Check out the unique display for shells, a vintage printer's tray!

{Image via Pinterest}

Monday, October 17

Happy Monday!

I feel it is finally fall outside today with all the bright sunshine and blustery winds. Took it's time this year. I can't wait to start wearing my blazers and scarfs as the weather gets chillier and to start feasting on the smorgasbord of apple and pumpkin products...

{Images via Pinterest}

Friday, October 14

On Campaign

I'm in search of bedside table that does double duty as clothes storage. Campaign chests seem to be all over pinterest right now and I don't blame all those pinners. These sturdy little chests are inspired by those designed to fold up and be carried on the march by military campaigners and travelers alike. 

Too cute for children's rooms!

Pair together to create six-drawer dresser.

This campaign chest is actually an Ikea hack - check it out here. Maybe my campaign chest beside table  might be within reach after all.

{Images via Pinterest}