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Wednesday, September 14

A Room of Her Own

Who doesn't want their own dressing room or spectacular walk in closet? I know this sounds materialistic, vain and shallow, "I need a whole separate room for my clothes, shoes, and accessories." And yes, there are women out there who possess said dressing rooms that are all of those things (and more) but I don't think it necessarily has to be the case. Can't one just have her own private space, decorated in a manner that is solely her where she can relax for the briefest of seconds before and at the end of hectic crazy days? Here are some opulently and elegantly designed spaces for your viewing pleasure:

{My all-time favorite image - thanks to Stephanie for finding it!}

{I'm okay with combining a home office with my dressing room}

{Love those intricately carved doors}

{If you don't have to an entire room, like most of us, for some kick-butt fashion-as-design how about a corner of the bedroom?}

{Images via Pinterest with curation help from Stephanie Lynne}

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