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Friday, September 2

The Real Teal

It was brought to my attention the other day that I have a deep passion for one of this season's it colors; that though provoking shade of blue-green often referred to as Teal. The revelation began with opening a gift from my good friend H (of La Vie of Me)...a lovely, perfect for fall sweater in none other than teal. I love the color and when I said such, H replied with "well you are obsessed with it." I had no idea. This theory was further confirmed when after a day of birthday shopping I purchased two other items in variations of teal. In honor of my new obsession here are some rooms featuring teal elements and their outfit equivalents







{Images via Pinterest & Polyvore}


  1. That pencil skirt is spectacular. Went to J.Crew to check it out and discovered that particular color won't ship until NOVEMBER 14! Tragic!

  2. That is tragic! You saved me from a wasted trip to the mall!