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Monday, September 19

Monday Moment of Zen

Such a simple little sentence with such a powerful message, one I think we sometimes forget. As soon as I read this I was immediately confronted with a number of instances where this applies in my life. 

I took action over the weekend, well in baby steps. I finally cleaned out a spare closet where I had coats, clothing, party dresses that date all the way back to middle school. I kept some pieces that have sentimental value, even if they no longer fit: a leather jacket I bought in Italy on a trip as a pre-teen with my grandmother, the dress from my first semi-formal, my prom dress, etc. The rest? If I hadn't worn it in over two years or it didn't fit, buh bye! To the bargain basket went my first ski jacket when I started boarding school up north (ironically enough because it was ALWAYS too big), the hoarder-like collection of hoodies from said boarding school and college, jeans so holy I could have worn them to church. You get the picture. 

Maybe I'll try sort out something more difficult tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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