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Friday, September 9

The Lacquered Look

I've always felt that a little big of lacquer or high gloss paint does wonders for boosting the glamor factor of a space. Well, just as long as it's not done in a 80's-cheese-black-and-tan way. Here are some lovely high gloss doors, walls, floors, and things for you to enjoy this Friday. TGIF, no?

Loving the high gloss finish on the french doors and the smaller door in the background. It gives this minimalist space some panache. 

Who wouldn't want to live behind those glossy grey doors? Look at how it enhances the beautiful frieze above the doorway. 

Maybe it's my NE upbringing but a room with navy, white, and wood-tone accents makes me swoon every time. Even with the kind of creepy octopus artwork...

Fabulous gallery walls are given a real dose of wow with the glossy paint. And the of so glorious color combination of navy and pink...just saying I wouldn't hate if my living room looked like this.

I'm about 99.9 % sure that I love the lacquered look of this room. What I'm not loving is that horrible coffee table / boxy cube smack dab int he middle of all this loveliness. 

Technically this isn't a wall, but it's such a bold statement piece that it can be included with the big kids.  We all know of my obsession with aqua-teal-tuquoise by now, right?

Fairly certain that the beadboard along the wall is finished with high gloss. Either way, there's something awesome about this space so I've included it anyway. 

{There are just no words for how I feel about this floor, no words}

A two-for-one deal, highly polished stone floors plus a lacquered credenza. A good lead in to the next section: lacquered things...

Neoclassical lacquered wonder of an accent table.

Cherry red pops of lacquered genius. 

Love the drama the high gloss brings to this built-in buffet. 

The original purveyors of all things lacquered; adoring this partner desk with its asiatic influences.  

Lovely glossy orange nightstand. 

That's all for now, have a happy weekend! 

{Images via Pinterest}

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