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Friday, September 30

Early Fall Celebrations

This weekend I'm going to my cousin's marriage celebration for friends and family who weren't with them at their destination wedding earlier this year. Below I've thrown together outfits similar to what I'd wear if we weren't in the middle of an indian summer. Humidity is such a bummer - if you had to walk around yesterday you know what I'm talking about and I commiserate with you. As it stands I'll probably bust out a couple of my early summer cocktail dresses, similar to these

I'll have you know that I own this LBD number for J.Crew and it is my new go to. The model doesn't do it's much more flattering on a real person.

Thursday, September 29

Italy meets England

Featured in October's Elle Decor this "fashionable flat" in London is the home of Italian couple Sofia and Niccolo Baratieri di San Pietro. Sofia is the co-creator of the high-end fashion website, Motilo, which utilizes social media to simulate a boutique shopping experience. The home was designed by the famous Paolo Moschino and evokes the Mediterranean through it's jewel-tone color palette of aquamarine, turquoise, and emeralds. 

{Images by Simon Upton via Elle Decor}

Wednesday, September 28

Decorative Details

I do so love a well styled bookcase or tabletop. We all know that decorative accents and details help to "finish" the look of a space. If you're anything like me, once you view the gorgeous images I've compiled below you'll probably want to immediately go-a-styling in your own spaces. 

Love the chromatic graduation used in these shelves: first for the book organization and then echoed in the grayscale print.  

Neutral accessory pallet combined with a rich marine blue is perfection.

Still adoring the hanging of artwork against bookshelves. 

These little tableaus are low key and fabulous!

 Bold use of color on the wall is perfectly accented on this console table. 

Love the way stacked books gives height to more accessories on this coffee table. 

Can the entire bedside table and all the accents come home with me?

{Images via Pinterest}

Tuesday, September 27

A Perfect Study Space XXVI

Loving the traditional and classical elements combined with the modern and playful zebra rug and the ghost chair. Looks like an amazing place to plug in the laptop and get some work done. Check out how to get the look below. 

{Image via Pinterest}

Monday, September 26

Happy Monday!

Some people look for a beautiful place,
 Others make a place beautiful.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Thursday, September 22

Pinterest Randomness

Very busy day today, sorry. How about a bit of loveliness from my pinterest feed.

Who doesn't enjoy a good stack of vintage books?

Lovely gallery wall and great hot pink accent chairs. 

She looks super comfy and ready to start the weekend....

A Bedroom featured in October's House Beautiful. Love the Quadrille wallpaper!

{Images via Pinterest}

Wednesday, September 21

Veranda's House of Windsor

It is an understatement to say I'm jealous of all those who had the chance to visit Veranda's concept house collaboration with the renowned Windsor Smith and other elite designers. You may have seen these images all over since the unveiling earlier this summer but summer was busy for me and I must have missed it initially. The long and short of it: I'm posting it anyway. My October Issue of Veranda arrived last friday and I must have re-read the article about 20 times since then. Did I mention that there's a barn? Oh yes, I could happily move in.

Like what you see? Select pieces can be yours. TODAY starting at 11am EST One King's Lane is hosting a special Tag Sale featuring items used throughout the House of Windsor. 

{Images via Veranda}

Tuesday, September 20

A Perfect Study Space XXV

Guest Room? Dining Room? Office? Most likely a blend of all three. I can see pushing some of those art books around and making room for my laptop and mug of tea. Or curling up with the paper and homemade brunch on that divine daybed on a lazy Sunday. 

{Image via Pinterest}

Monday, September 19

Monday Moment of Zen

Such a simple little sentence with such a powerful message, one I think we sometimes forget. As soon as I read this I was immediately confronted with a number of instances where this applies in my life. 

I took action over the weekend, well in baby steps. I finally cleaned out a spare closet where I had coats, clothing, party dresses that date all the way back to middle school. I kept some pieces that have sentimental value, even if they no longer fit: a leather jacket I bought in Italy on a trip as a pre-teen with my grandmother, the dress from my first semi-formal, my prom dress, etc. The rest? If I hadn't worn it in over two years or it didn't fit, buh bye! To the bargain basket went my first ski jacket when I started boarding school up north (ironically enough because it was ALWAYS too big), the hoarder-like collection of hoodies from said boarding school and college, jeans so holy I could have worn them to church. You get the picture. 

Maybe I'll try sort out something more difficult tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

{Image via Pinterest}