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Wednesday, August 31

No Power, No Fun

Apologies for the lack of posts on Monday and Tuesday but without power, there are no such things as WiFi and Electronics. Thanks to a major kerfuffle at the main power station for the part of the Cape where my family lives we were without power from early Sunday morning through Tuesday evening. I always secretly knew I'd hate camping.

The story of Irene's impact on the Cape, in pictures:

Thank goodness there was less of this...

Because we had LOTS of this...

If there had been rain as well our neighborhood would have look more like this (without the cute cut-out for automobile travel)...

Other fun anecdotes from the storm:

1. We had gusts up to 60 mph in our neck of the woods and while it was awesomely elemental to stand outside surrounded by the wind for a human, our poor little dog was almost airborne a couple of times. After the second attempt at flying he crossed his paws until the morning.

2. I went outback to rescue some iron garden chairs (which we assumed wouldn't move) that had fallen over during some of our fiercest winds. Because branches and limbs were falling from overhead I put on my riding helmet for this excursion convinced that the rest of my family wouldn't see me in my ridiculous get-up. I was wrong. Smirking at me from the kitchen window upon my return inside was my brother. He'll never let me forget that. 

This is it for today I'm afraid. Firstly because it's my birthday and secondly because now that I have power I have a ton of things to accomplish.  Check back tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I love your blog. It is awesome. I think we took Anna Karenina first year together, if you remember me. Anyway, I love your design and fashion sense!

  2. Oh gosh, who could forget the Anna Karenina seminar? Thank you for the lovely compliments and for reading my blog!