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Wednesday, August 3

Feminine Eclectic

I've long been enamored with the eclectic design aesthetic; the drawing from a range or periods, styles, and cultures to create what seems to be an effortlessly styled space. I thought I share some of my favorites that have a definite sense of femininity. 

Pool blue and hot pink? Yes, please. 

Where can I get my paws on a similar bed?

Words just cannot express how much I love these little breakfast nook...those gorgeous classic chairs upholstered in a bold print are pure perfection. Also digging the use of the feminine pink settee to mix things up. And the cluster of artwork...le sigh. 

I think I've used this image multiple times on this blog but it continues to remain one of my absolute favorites! 

Such a great idea for a non-working fireplace, add stacks of old books! Love the chair-rail to ceiling artwork as well.

Classic, old world eclectic...probably in the works for decades if not centuries.

I just love a good gallery wall as well...wish I had the wall space to create my own!

{Images via Pinterest}

1 comment:

  1. That blue desk in the third picture from the top... amazing! Where could I find such a thing?