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Wednesday, August 10

A Bit of Studio Love

A good friend is moving into her first studio apartment in a few weeks which inspired me to do a little photo research on her behalf. Here are three fantastic & feminine studios that caught my eye on Apartment Therapy

The first is Caroline's Pint Size Studio, an uncluttered and elegant space that contains living, dining, office, music studio, bedroom and kitchen all in 475 sq. feet. Pretty darn amazing if you ask me. Love the calm color palette paired with all the original artwork and prints throughout the space. 

Next up is Savannah's Sophisticated LA Studio, full of eclectic and sentimental charm. Love the banquette & small table pairing in the teensy kitchen. Also, that ottoman!

Rodellee's LA Studio is pure vintage magic all wrapped up in 450 sq. feet. Words cannot express how much I love both the lawyer's bookcase and the chalkboard backsplash in the kitchen!

{Caroline's Pint Size Studio Images by Leah Moss}
{Rodellee's LA Studio by Bethany Nauert}

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