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Wednesday, August 31

No Power, No Fun

Apologies for the lack of posts on Monday and Tuesday but without power, there are no such things as WiFi and Electronics. Thanks to a major kerfuffle at the main power station for the part of the Cape where my family lives we were without power from early Sunday morning through Tuesday evening. I always secretly knew I'd hate camping.

The story of Irene's impact on the Cape, in pictures:

Thank goodness there was less of this...

Because we had LOTS of this...

If there had been rain as well our neighborhood would have look more like this (without the cute cut-out for automobile travel)...

Other fun anecdotes from the storm:

1. We had gusts up to 60 mph in our neck of the woods and while it was awesomely elemental to stand outside surrounded by the wind for a human, our poor little dog was almost airborne a couple of times. After the second attempt at flying he crossed his paws until the morning.

2. I went outback to rescue some iron garden chairs (which we assumed wouldn't move) that had fallen over during some of our fiercest winds. Because branches and limbs were falling from overhead I put on my riding helmet for this excursion convinced that the rest of my family wouldn't see me in my ridiculous get-up. I was wrong. Smirking at me from the kitchen window upon my return inside was my brother. He'll never let me forget that. 

This is it for today I'm afraid. Firstly because it's my birthday and secondly because now that I have power I have a ton of things to accomplish.  Check back tomorrow!

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Saturday, August 27

Wet Weather Ahead

Apologies for no post yesterday. I was on a bus all afternoon with no access to a computer. You may be aware that there is a hurricane barreling into the eastern seaboard throughout the weekend and I have been up since dawn helping my parents, family and friends stow away watercraft, loose objects, patio furniture and garden gizmos. In honor of the wet weather ahead I've thrown together two outfits: one is more playful and clearly for lighter weather and the other is for serious weather protection.

Don't expect anything too chic from me over the weekend. Most of my lovely things are back in the city so I'll be wearing a mismatch of items. Thanks to my stalwart yankee family I've pieced together some weather protection: an old, mildew-stained sailing jacket and my first pair of adult-sized wellingtons (the right boot has a huge gash along a foot seam which is patched together with duct tape). Real classy.


Thursday, August 25

Weekend Escape: The Bellevue Syrene

If you happen to find yourself traveling along the Amalfi Coast consider staying at the gorgeous Bellevue Syrene. I actually stayed there eleven years ago when my grandmother took one of my cousins and me on a tour around Italy. Fortunately for everyone the interior decor has been updated since I stayed there. I have to say the new decor is exponentially better and I would love the opportunity to stay there again some day. 

Rebuilt on the foundations of a Roman Villa and reopened as a hotel in 1820, the villa has hosted illustrious society members and European royalty. And the view, it's simply phenomenal. Who would want to sit on private balconies and listen to the siren song of waves crashing on the cliffs below?

Love that they kept the old Roman grottos and made them into fabulously romantic suites. 

Wednesday, August 24

Go Bold for Fall

A couple of weeks ago, after receiving the J. Crew fall preview email, I changed my Facebook status to something witty like "time to lash my credit card to the proverbial mast." The resulting comment conversation morphed into a discussion of how to pull off the bold Flame color J. Crew is rocking this season. Therefore this post is dedicated to MK & KSW (who have never met each other) and their inspiration to be bold and go for Flame Orange. Just keep it under wraps for a week or so around Halloween.




Tuesday, August 23

A Perfect Study Space XXII

It has come to my attention that my home "office" is missing a crucial inspiration board. I keep seeing them in most of the study spaces I admire most. I keep collecting this and that in little piles all over my apartment: fabric samples next to the television, magazine clippings on the dining table, and etc. Instead of this nonsense I could just pin up these finds in one place creating livable artwork! 

 The beauty of an inspiration board is that is can hang anywhere in your space, not necessarily an office.
Living rooms, hallways, entry ways...
P.S. Loving that french cane-backed settee!

Decisions, decisions... 

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