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Tuesday, July 12


As my lease comes to an end in August I have started my search for a new abode. I've lived in a fairly large one-bedroom for the past three years but am thinking of downsizing to a studio; gasp! However, if I do go for a smaller space my current sofa will not be coming along for the ride. Instead I've had my eye on a settee from West Elm, the Elton

I love the clean lines and how they've tufted the back to give it texture and a slightly feminine feel. The open legs will also help to make it's future home look more spacious. Even though I'm anxious about having to move I keep reminding myself that I get a "clean slate" for decorating. Here are some inspirational spaces using smaller-scale furnishings...

 I love the use of color in this image. I probably wouldn't go for pink on my walls and since I'm going to be renting I've been thinking of painting two large canvases in my preferred color and hanging them behind the settee. 

It would be nice to have space for a jumbo coffee table to have space to work and convert to a "dining" table when I have guests for dinner. 

I love the beachy colors juxtaposed with the antique furnishings...would need a lot of natural light to pull it off though. 

This image makes me laugh - not because of the beautiful feminine furnishings (like the gilded settee!) but because of the choice of artwork. A large, oafish alligator!

Again, the flood of natural lighting is perfect for this bright, neutral scheme. I'm noticing lucite coffee tables in this image too...hmmm... 

This crazy pattern reminds me of my current sofa. But I do so love the blue and pink 
combination, le sigh!

What a mirror! Taking starburst to a whole new level. The rosette poof is also interesting but I would think too delicate to use?

Love those little tripod tables used in place of a true coffee table. Makes entertaining or clearing space for yoga a snap. 

Decisions, decisions. But first I need to find that new apartment before I go and mentally decorate a space that doesn't exist! Always a dangerous path...

{Images via West Elm & Pinterest}

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