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Wednesday, June 1

This is your temporary captain speaking...

AHOY! Greetings all! Miss Allison is a bit under the weather, so I told her that I would steer the ship for today. My name is Stephanie, Allison's dear friend with the porch problem. I am currently studying for the bar exam (yawn) and wish that I could sail away. So I decided that I would share with you some nautical designs that I have been currently eyeing. I tried to mix in some new interpretations as well as classic looks.

O, Jackie. You always got it right. Somehow whenever I am on a boat I cannot seem to look as composed...

...and I lack the Grace of Grace. 

This is more my style. I have a true passion for striped clothing. 

I love the dainty scarf of this one and the espadrilles! 

I recently met up with a friend of mine who had a similar sailor knot necklace. I thought it was a breath of fresh air, and a great departure from those rope bracelets that I once wore in high school.

This one is even better!

Last, I have a deep love (some would call it obsession) with nail polish. I usually steer away from designs but these nautical nails are so dainty and fun. I might give them a go the next time I want to procrastinate!

I found all of these images on Pinterest. It is because of Allison and this amazing blog that I now use it all of the time! I highly recommend it.

With warmest regards,


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