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Thursday, June 2


This is what life has been like for a couple of days, no exaggeration...

How amazing was Stephanie's first blog post yesterday? I can't thank her enough for coming to my rescue when it was apparent that I would not be able to post for a couple of days due to a particularly virulent stomach bug that my whole family got over the holiday weekend. I literally sent her a text Tuesday evening with how to log in and with the instruction, "it's like writing an email." And so, my best friend stopped studying for the bar, stopped watching syndicated reruns of Sex & the City and wrote a post. We'll turn her into a blogger yet! And Steph, there will be a box of Haribo gummies in your future. You can't make bar study flashcards on an empty stomach.

Check back later for this week's Weekend Escape (that is if I don't throw my parent's old PC out the window in frustration first).

{Image via icanhascheezburger}

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