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Friday, June 17

Equestrian Artwork

It was only a matter of time before I subjected my readers to an equestrian artwork post. Don't worry, I've narrowed it down to large-scale, bold, contemporary pieces. Along these lines, my two favorite artists are Shelli Breidenbach and Joseph Piccillo

One day I would love to own one of Shelli Breidenbach's equine portraits. Their massive scale lends a contemporary feel while highlighting the expressive nature of these giant beasties. I especially love the photographs featuring braided manes...anyone who has ever spent the hours it takes to accomplish this will  recognize that the braiding alone is artwork. 

{Images by Shelli Breidenbach}
I thought this behind the scenes video of one of Shelli's photo shoots was fascinating.
Horses are such divas...

The first time I saw Joseph Piccillo's work was in the window of the Chase Gallery {now Chase Young} when I was 10 years old walking along Newbury Street. It was big, dramatic and my horse-crazed self had to own parents did not acquiesce. Don't confuse these with photographs, they are mixed media (charcoal and graphite) on canvas. 

{Images by Joseph Piccillo}

I just saw these images over on Joielala Photography {usually known for their wedding and engagement photography, check them out.} Love the expression of first horse, ear's up eyes forward!

{Images by Joielala}

Here are some more affordable options available through Etsy for those of us who are on a budget...

{Lonny Magazine Etsy Shop}
{Lonny Magazine Etsy Shop}
{Le Cheval Etsy Shop}
{Tailed Blue Photos Etsy Shop}

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  1. Thank you for including my work in your blogpost. To see more of what I do, you can go to my website - Juliet (lecheval)