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Thursday, June 30

Summer at the Movies

Why is it that some of the most interesting films come out in the summertime when no one wants to spend two hours in a dark theater? Two movies I can't wait to see also happen to be based on novels that I've read and enjoyed. I hope they live up to their literary parents.

One Day
{Based on One Day by David Nicholls}

The Help
{Based on The Help by Kathryn Stockett}

Weekend Escape: Cottage Getaway

The Cottages at Cabot Cove in Kennebunkport, Maine are reinventing the traditional Bed & Breakfast. Instead of staying a room in a large Victorian house, how would you like to spend your vacation in your own private cottage complete with living area, kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom? Don't worry, breakfast is still included, delivered right to you door! The Cottages is comprised of 16 petite Kennebunkport style cottages all designed by a different interior designer. These are three of my favorites...

For more information on rentals and for more cottage options, go to The Cottages at Cabot Cove

Wednesday, June 29

The Brooklyn Home Company

The latest, most creative way to buy local is to purchase a home from the family run The Brooklyn Home Company.  Based in Brooklyn, NY, they pride themselves on creating “homes, not units” for those seeking the highest quality, classic designs with functional artistic twists. All the properties developed and renovated by T.B.H. Co “embrace individualism, artistic integrity, customer focus and environment conservation.”  

Remember the kitchen image used in last Friday’s post? I was so struck by it that I traced its origins. Then my chin hit the floor, how did they read my mind? I was awestruck by the spaces’ design and architectural details. And, even though some of my favorite bloggers have already posted on this innovative company I couldn’t resist sharing as well.

5th Street 
Full of natural light, this gorgeous duplex features fantastic exposed beam ceilings and wall-to-wall built in bookshelves. I love the open shelving in the kitchen and the reclaimed barn door used to mask the washroom.

15th Street
A condo building featuring five floors of unique spaces, all bright and airy. I love the reclaimed flooring, especially when set in an interesting chevron pattern. I also love the use of modern lighting to update  traditional spaces.

Fort Greene Place
A landmark building brought back to life as four condos, the most glamorous being the original parlor level with original flooring and restored mantels & moldings.

Tuesday, June 28

Apartment Crush: Elizabeth Bauer

I'd gladly trade my current place for the chic studio apartment of Elizabeth Bauer, a NYC based interior designer.  I love her modern twist on the traditional with her colorful palette and refinished antiques and mid century lucite and glass furnishings. 

I must have that gilded glass room divider and that coffee table. What a great place to store all my magazine back issues.

A mix of centuries - modern print, mid century light fixture and refurbished secretary cabinet. 

Never would have thought I'd like such busy pattern on pattern but shut the front door, I love it! 

Check out Elizabeth's website for information on her retail store, Elizabeth Bauer Design as well as her design services. 

{Images by Patrick Cline via Lonny}

A Perfect Study Space XV

The perfect dark & broody space. I don't know if it's the animalia prints, mariposa collections or the globe but somehow this reminds me of how a modern Dr. Dolittle's office would be decorated (and I'm not referring to the Eddie Murphy the original please!). 

{Image by Joshua Mchugh via Elle Decor}

Monday, June 27

New Dorm Room Furnishings...

Have you heard of this, PB Dorm? A little leaflet fell out of this week's Pottery Barn catalog announcing their latest brainchild. But I had to chuckle when I saw their "dorm room" inspiration images on the website. They're fabulous. And everyone who's every been to college knows that there is NOTHING fabulous about dorm rooms. My freshman year I was lucky enough to have four inches between my roommate's side of the room as well as a minuscule window next to my bed. Tell me did you every have a room with this much great architecture:

And those were just the girls rooms. I fell off my chair laughing when I saw the staged guys rooms. Their missing the unmade, unwashed beds, the mound of dirty and clean clothes in the center of the room and the leftover pizza boxes strewn around the room. 

{Images via PB Dorm}

Happy Monday!

This is always an important message to remember for everyone - not just the overachievers and work-a-holics out there.  We're not super-heros; if we slow down and isolate the things most important to us and focus on those goals we can attain professional an/or personal greatness. 

{Image via Pinterest}