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Thursday, May 19

Hardy House Plants

My mother and I usually go to the Beacon Hill Garden Tour every year in honor of Mother's Day. Today, however, we may or may not go depending on the quantity of the water pouring from the skies. Last year I remember it being sunny and warm but we've been under aquatic attack since last weekend! 

{Images via The Sketch Book}
While I love flowers and peeking into other's gardens I have what is referred to as a "black thumb." I have inadvertently been the end of countless house plants over the years; so many that my mother has stopped buying them for me. Lately, though, I've been drawn to succulents & cactus plants. Perhaps these are the answer to my search for an enduring house plant? Who knew that such a spectrum existed for desert dwelling plants?

Or that they were so versatile? Tablescapes...Wedding Bouquets...Boutineers; how fabulous are these for a wedding in the southwest? 

{Images via Pinterest}

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