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Wednesday, April 27

Rooms I'm Loving Right Now

{Image via La Dolce Vita}
 When I saw this gorgeous bath my jaw hit the deck - that missoni-esque floor is to die for and works fantastically with the marble tub and peach chairs.

{Image via Pinterest}
My inner, horse obsessed, child wants this room. I'm loving the vintage pastel show ribbons. My own collection of show ribbons are all garish primary colors better suited to a boy's room. Bah!

{Image via House & Home}
My adult self is more inclined towards this dreamy bedroom. 

{Image via Apartment Therapy}
Loving the drama of this image - it would make a fabulous photograph!

{Image via Apartment Therapy}
I included this image even though I'm unsure about it; do I like it, do I hate it? At first a felt wow! how glamorous but then it started to give me a more Miss Havisham vibe...thoughts?

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