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Friday, April 15

Milan Apartment Project

In college I spent a semester in Milan, Italy studying the language and the country's musical history. I lived in an old world style building with a beautiful central courtyard in a gorgeous apartment with marble tiled floors and large floor to ceiling windows. Well, it would have been gorgeous if it wasn't a rat trap with poor plumbing and three other girls living in the three room unit. I'm seriously perplexed that there wasn't a rodent infestation. I'm a little fuzzy on which level the apartment was, either the first floor (America's second floor) or the second floor...

 It was set up as a two bedroom with two single beds in each room to accommodate the most people possible. However, "Bedroom 1" was clearly supposed to be the original living room because it had wood floors and french entry doors. Not to mention the access to the balcony. Guess which room I called?

Point is, it could have been a really lovely one bedroom apartment with some serious redesigning. It had a lot of features that I love: those fabulous double doors and shutters out to the balcony, high ceilings, and glorious marble/wood flooring. So, I thought it would be fun to re-imagine it as a series of blog posts. Each week I'll tackle a redesign of each space. It won't be as exciting as an actual redesign because there wont be any actual "before" and "after" images but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

Here's the new floor plan and some inspiration images - get excited for next Friday!

{Images via Pinterest}

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