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Wednesday, April 13

Middleton Place Plantation

Our original plan for Thursday was to tour a few of the historic plantations running along the Ashley river outside Charleston, however, my mother was able to get a ticket to Historic Charleston's Garden Tour at the last minute. Since we would only have time to tour one plantation and make it back downtown in time for the beginning of the Garden Tour we decided on Middleton Place because it had fantastic, landscaped gardens.  

{Image via Middleton Place}
This image shows a view of what would have been the main entrance to the english manor style house (if it was still standing after being burned by the Union Army and then destroyed by the earthquake of 1886) since the river was the principle and fastest means of transportation. 

The remains of the manor house.

View of the remaining building which once flanked the main plantation house. It currently houses the family's collection of portraits, silver and furnishings. 

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