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Friday, April 1

UPDATED: Friday Afternoon at the Cinema

***Truly a wonderful version of Jane Eyre. Very true to Charlotte Bronte's original novel with gorgeous cinematography even if the costuming was rather drab and dull. There were even some seriously suspenseful moments as well that made me scream out loud. What was absolutely amazing was that the elderly ladies sitting behind us had NEVER read the novel?***

Cinema is such a better way to say "movie theater." Anyway, I've been waiting all week to see Jane Eyre after seeing the preview this past weekend. Should be the perfect weather for the moody gothic romance as it is supposed to snow/rain all day. {Seriously old man winter?} My friend H and I are going to a mid-afternoon showing at a local theater geared specifically to independent and artsy films. I'm hopeful that she brings her famous truffle salted popcorn!

I'll update with a review tomorrow but till then enjoy the trailer!

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