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Monday, April 11

Charleston Report

I had such a wonderful time in Charleston, SC last week that I had a hard time getting on the Boston bound plane Friday morning. The weather was terrific, the food sinfully delicious and the architecture divine! I do regret that I was not able to take pictures in the houses that were part of the tours organized by the Historic Charleston Foundations though I do understand the homeowners' reticence. These tours, offered in March and April, are a fantastic opportunity to peek inside privately restored homes in downtown Charleston. Below are some images from our walks throughout the city:

Me in a tree at White Point Gardens on the Battery. I rarely have any pictures of me from my vacations because I'm always the one with the camera. I made a concerted effort to have some taken by others, I wound up with a handful. 

Looking back on Waterfront Park from the nearby wharf on our first night in Charleston. The wind was blowing something fierce so I wont show you the image of my parents and I sitting on a huge porch swing!

This isn't the greatest image but I wanted to share an architectural element I discovered on many houses with these side porticos. The "front door" from the street looks like any other front door but look a little to the side and you'll discover that it's faux and leads onto the open lower porch. Very clever!

Cobblestones (more like cobblerocks) on Queen Street.

I loved this bright orange front door! Not pictured are the gorgeous blue-grey shutters on this home's windows. It reminds me of the interior of one of the private homes we toured - the owners had painted their pocket doors between their living and dining room in an orange coral color. This was something I wished I could have photographed for you all!

The famous Meeting Street Inn near White Point Gardens.

Side porches on the Calhoun Mansion.

That's it for this post. Tomorrow I'll be posting about why I'll be eating salad for a month or more...remember that sinfully delicious food I mentioned above?

{Images property of Halcyon Style}

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