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Thursday, April 14

430 Feet of Living Space?

I came across Charleston Home, a magazine printed twice yearly featuring stunning homes around the Charleston area, last week when searching a local bookstore for a copy of Garden & Gun (could there be a better name for a southern magazine?) Anyway, I checked out Charleston Home's website for archived features and came across this lovely, delicate carriage house renovation. 

I should explain, in the event you are not familiar with the area, that Charleston real estate is riddled with dependency buildings which served as carriage houses, kitchens, and quarters for the help in the days where these were kept separated from the main house due to heat and fire risk, etc. While many homeowners have incorporated theses structures into their houses, some have been left standing and sold as separate entities, as is the case of this two storey house on Ashley Avenue with only 430 square feet of living space!

I'm loving the bright and monochromatic palette that has been accented by fabulous original artwork.

Could that farmhouse sink in the kitchen be any smaller? I wasn't aware those were even made in minuscule dimensions. 

For more images and the full article please visit Charleston Home's website

{Images by Brie Williams via Charleston Home}

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure that farmers sink is a regular sink, just vertical instead of horizontal as it usually is.... but yeah 430... tooooooo small!