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Friday, April 29

Oh My Gosh! They're finally married!

Here I am watching the Royal Wedding happening live. I was so excited that I practically jumped out of bed when my alarm went off at 4 am! I got to see all the hit and miss hats adorning the heads of guests. My favorites were definitely the smaller fascinators. And then I started squealing like a five year old at a birthday party when I saw Catherine, now HRH Duchess of Cambridge, get into that rolls royce! I was very happy that she wasn't wearing flowers in her hair but had wisely worn the tiara loaned to her by the Queen,  known as the 1936 Cartier Halo.

And now for the dress, a beautiful ivory satin with stunningly intricate lace applique featuring the four floral emblems of the UK: rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock. Even though it wasn't hip and chic much to the displeasure of the haute couturiers I thought it was perfect for a wedding of this magnitude. Kate chose Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, to design the gown. Stately and regal with a victorian style tight corset top paired with fuller skirt, it still had lovely clean lines.

{Getty Images}

{Getty Images}

It's been remarked that Kate's dress it very reminiscent of Grace Kelly's 1956 wedding gown. What a compliment, the late Princess Grace is still a style icon. 
{Getty Images}

Thursday, April 28

Royal Excitement

To say that I am excited about the impending Royal Wedding is a bit of an understatement. Oh yes, I plan to be among the thousands of US viewers who wake up at the ungodly hour of 4 AM to watch Wills and Kate wed. Now I just have to choose which broadcast I'm going to watch - I'd like to watch BBC but I'd have to pay extra for it, sigh. I can't wait to see EVERYTHING. Let's be real, the only reason that I didn't book a ticket to London to join in the revelry like my lucky friend, Sarah, is that I don't tolerate crowds well.

What does a well bred lady wear to the wedding of the century?

Well, for starters there must be a dress or suit. I have a feeling because of the early hour there will be more smart suits than dresses. But when I saw the gorgeous flowing, coral dress I couldn't resist using it. Secondly, there must be a hat. I've chosen a fascinator because that is what Kate seems to favor and I think it is perfect for the younger generation. As for the rest, the usual, jewels, clutch, and shrug.

Wednesday, April 27

Rooms I'm Loving Right Now

{Image via La Dolce Vita}
 When I saw this gorgeous bath my jaw hit the deck - that missoni-esque floor is to die for and works fantastically with the marble tub and peach chairs.

{Image via Pinterest}
My inner, horse obsessed, child wants this room. I'm loving the vintage pastel show ribbons. My own collection of show ribbons are all garish primary colors better suited to a boy's room. Bah!

{Image via House & Home}
My adult self is more inclined towards this dreamy bedroom. 

{Image via Apartment Therapy}
Loving the drama of this image - it would make a fabulous photograph!

{Image via Apartment Therapy}
I included this image even though I'm unsure about it; do I like it, do I hate it? At first a felt wow! how glamorous but then it started to give me a more Miss Havisham vibe...thoughts?

It all started with a drink...

While out to dinner with a friend last night I discovered a delicious new drink for those hot and humid summer days. The restaurant called it a Cucumber Collins but thanks to a little online research I discovered that it is a re imagined version of the original gin and crushed cucumber delight. 

The version I fell in love with uses a cucumber-lime vodka to accompany the fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda. It was light and refreshing with that little bit of zing you want on a hot day. I'm sure that it wouldn't be hard to make a non-alcholoic version as well by making a cucumber-infused simple syrup as a substitute for the vodka. 

Some ideal summer cocktail party locations:

{Images via Pinterest}

Tuesday, April 26

Contemporary {Dutch} Colonial

I discovered this little gem while reading the May edition of ElleDecor. It's a new build that has been carefully crafted to create the illusion of an older house - specifically that of a Cape Dutch farmhouse. Cape Dutch is the term given to the architecture used by the 17th century settlers of the Cape Winelands region in South Africa. While the footprint is very traditional the owners used exterior materials, slate and stucco, better suited to their Northern California climes rather than the historic white wash and thatching. The interior's aging was accomplished by sourcing reclaimed beans, doors, fixtures, cabinetry and etc. from Iowa. 
 When I first saw this images they felt very familiar to me for some reason. The reason became clear once I read the accompanying article {please, you know you flip through all the images first too} as one of the homeowners, Patrick Printy is a former art director for both William-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. These rooms, while gorgeous, all seem to have that "catalogue" patina. I still love them just the way I routinely tear out inspirational pages from my the plethora of Pottery Barn and West Elm reading material. 

I love the use of off white and dark grey in this kitchen {Benjamin Moore's White Dove and Arctic Shadows} as well as the open shelving and traditional dutch chimney hood used to disguise the stovetop vent. 

Spectacular artwork display!

The antique wardrobe used in the master bathroom is phenomenal; it reminds me very much of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. 

Please check out ElleDecor for more images and to read the full article.

{Images: Laura Resen via ElleDecor}

A Perfect Study Space VI

To go along with yesterday's romantic pink florals I choose this picturesque study. Done up in a shabby chic country style I'm adoring the mix of painted and unfinished woods, the brick floor and the dried hydrangea atop the built-ins. 

{Image via Pinterest}

Monday, April 25

Still Awaiting Spring

After some tantalizing temperatures on Easter Sunday we are now back in the doldrums of another weather front. Less elegantly put, "It's raining again, dammit!" I was completely unmotivated to accomplish anything this morning until I came across some lovely images of spring and summer flower arrangements. Enjoy and hope for the weather to improve dramatically!

{Images via Pinterest}

Happy Monday!

Paris is always a good idea. 

Audrey Hepburn

{Image via Pinterest}

Thursday, April 21

Porch Party

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Stephanie, lover of porches. Okay, I love them too. Who doesn't love an outdoor living space? Here are a some gorgeous porches for all seasons.

I love this image with the snow falling in the foreground. I'm also loving that they incorporated nature into this little cabin in the wilderness by using a tree trunk instead of a more traditional column. 

Lovely & Romantic

I wish I had a porch swing...and a divine outdoor dining room.

Plantation Chairs - I'm getting one for my bedroom!

{Images via Pinterest}

Wednesday, April 20

Rainy Day Glam

Who says rainy days have to be all gloom and doom? We can wear colorful galoshes and stylish trench coats and carry fun umbrellas to help ward off the dreary! And don't forget cheerful bunches of fresh flowers.

{Flower Images via Pinterest}

Water for Elephants

I can't wait to go and see the gorgeous and spectacular romance that is Water for Elephants.  The book was amazing so I hope the movie can live up to it.  Check out the TV spot below featuring the Florence + the Machine's Cosmic Love.

The below looks are inspired by the superb 1930s style I've glimpsed in the trailers - especially the costumes worn by Reese Witherspoon as leading lady Marlena.

Water for Elephants: Daytime Style

Water for Elephants: Evening Inspiration