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Wednesday, March 16

Wonderful Windows

 I am a big fan of natural light so I suppose that is why I am constantly drawn to spaces with dramatic (and often large) windows. One of the reasons I choose my current apartment was because it was a corner unit with two large picture windows on each corner wall. Below are examples where the windows add great depth to the design of the spaces they shelter.

The couldn't resist including this cheerful yellow door; a good proportion of it is glazes anyway! The diamond mullions separating the window panes have a great romantic feel to them as well which I'm really enjoying.  And what more is there to say about the arched three-light window with their blue trim other than "I want it"? 

Yes, I'll takes this office space any day. I can't promise that I'll get any work done when there is such a charming garden space to gaze at instead of a dreary laptop screen. 

I'm loving the parisian feel to this monochromatic bedroom. I also love inside shutters, a lot. Again, another doorway, but check out the diamond mullions in that transom - amazing!

Walls of windows? Yes, please. Those gorgeous oversized casement windows are perfectly juxtaposed with the modern furnishings and artwork. 

Ah, no modern building utilizes floor to ceiling casements like those of the old world. {And if you look closely you'll notice the chevron pattern in those wood floors. Can you sense my obsession with all things zig-zag? It's not a problem, I swear}

The way this window brings the outdoors into the living space is very conservatory-esque. {I think the conservatory is a lost art form} I'm digging this entry way/ mud room. I suppose that at one point it might have been an open porch that was enclosed using window-walls (this is not a technical term). The different mullion designs make a wonderful artistic statement; they almost provide a "frame" for the scenery. 

Do I even need to describe why the windows in these two spaces are so dramatically drool-worthy? 

{Images via Pinterest}

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