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Tuesday, March 8

Wallpaper Round Up

Every once in a while I head over to Anthropologie's website and stare longingly at their wallpaper collection. My favorite is Lady of the Manor (I don't know when I will use it but I know I WILL someday) but there are so many other gorgeous wallpapers to choose from. I love that most have this old world charm   feeling while still seeming modern too.

{Lady of the Manor by Over & Over}
{Woods in Coral by Cole & Son}
{Teacup Alley from Vera archives exclusively for Anthropologie}
{Cameo Wallpaper}
{Lofty Larks from Vera archives exclusively for Anthropologie}
{Stacked Paperback by Tracey Kendall}
{Paeonia by Porridge}

{Images via Anthropologie}

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