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Saturday, March 5

Pillow Hunting

I'm tired of my apartment and all the furniture within. In an attempt to spice up my living space without selling everything and starting over I am thinking of replacing my throw pillows, possibly my rug, and rearranging my art collection. It is certainly the "low cost" option even though pillow covers and rugs aren't cheap. I browsed around Etsy this morning for some pillow fabric inspiration. 

The first contender is my favorite East Village fabric by Rubie Green. I would probably pair two of these with two solid navy pillows on my white couch. 
{Vida Style Etsy shop}
Keeping with the chevron theme, I love this blue and turquoise pillow. It's reminiscent of a pillow I saw at West Elm but with better colors, I think. Not certain what I'd pair it with because there are so many colors already within the pattern.
{The Turquoise Iris Etsy shop}
And then there's this gorgeous Ikat print in light gray and lemon. It would definitely make my space more neutral and and calming. I picture it with some solid pillows in the lemon color and perhaps some gray ones for other odd ball chairs.
{Swoon Studio Etsy shop}

For fun accent pillows on my odd ball chairs I love {no pun intended} the two pillows below.  I'm seriously considering the smaller aqua pillow as a "just because" purchase.
{Honey Pie Design Etsy shop}

{Dancing Arethusa Etsy shop}

And this is where my eyes started to hurt after staring at the screen for so long...

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