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Wednesday, March 2

Office Space

I've been dreaming about a new home office for awhile now. My current set up is a desk in the corner of my living/dining room that I refer to as the clutter corner because every time I turn around the piles have multiplied. My "office" also spills over onto the dining table so that at dinner time I have to shove my laptop, stacks of books and piles of bills and miscellany out of the way to make room for my dinner plates. Most of the time I just give up and go with the flow but other times I want to throw everything down the garbage chute in one big purge...this is a normal reaction, I'm certain of it.

Anyway, here are some spaces I've found that intrigue me and make me green with envy that I live in small three room apartment. What I love most about these two rooms are the gigantic desks and workspaces. I also am enjoying the creative ways to display artwork: the more traditional salon style used for the framed artwork and the modern approach using clothespins for unframed photographs.

The energizing, vibrant blue in this space is phenomenal. I must have. I also admire how tidy this desk looks. I bet if this photograph was taken at random it would paint a drastically different picture. Surely no one is naturally this neat for more than a couple of hours after spring cleaning. 

Gorgeously arrayed with books, accessories, furniture and artwork OR streamlined simplicity? I may just have to have multiple workspaces...

I like how these two rooms are essentially neutral spaces that are punched up by a few colorful accessories. The use of trays is a great (and functional) way to keep design materials together for individual projects. And that charming bench is fantastic though probably not the most comfortable seat.

P.S. Fresh flowers make everything better.

{Images via Pinterest}


  1. It seems you have a thing for white desks! Also, that blue wall is unbelievable, especially with the white furniture. I want that!

  2. Haha! I guess I do have an affinity for white desks. I never realized it before. Perhaps it is a response to having put up with those awful particle-board desks that my boarding school and college supplied me with.