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Monday, March 28

Ode to Undecorating

I read a wonderful WSJ article, The Rise of the Personal, in Saturday's paper in which contributor Katie Roiphe reviews Christiane Lemieux's first book Undecorate: The No Rules Approach to Interior Design and explains the newest interior design concept which turns the average DIY-er into their very own interior stylist. Here is a snippet but please click the link above to read the article in its entirety and view the accompanying photographs.

"...even those hardened cynics will have to admit that they would rather go to a dinner party at one of the splashy, inviting, inventive houses featured in "Undecorate" than step into one of the daunting interiors on the cover of Architectural Digest, where you are very likely to be quizzed on obscure Renaissance artists and will almost definitely spill red wine on the impeccable expanse of white couch."
 -Katie Roiphe

Also be sure to check out Christiane's book for more inspiring, amazing and enviable interior spaces. I read mine cover to cover instead of simply gazing at the pictures. It's a fantastic addition to any design library or coffee table book collection!

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