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Monday, March 14

Move Over Anthropologie...

...there's a new store in town. Well, new to me. I have heard about ABC Carpet & Home for a while now but haven't had the opportunity to make it to one of their handful of stores. I finally had a chance to remedy this when I was in NYC this weekend.
{Image via ABC Carpet & Home}
Let me preface by saying that the store's online offerings are only a starting point and was, therefore,  completely unprepared for my experience when I stepped through the doors. What a complete wonderland! The moment you walk in your are engulfed in luxurious and glamorously displayed merchandise. I didn't even know where to go first I was so overwhelmed.

The store is massive, six floors full of furniture, decorative objects, bedding, lighting, carpets, etc. (A full store directory is available on their website for those who are interested.) I didn't have nearly enough time to fully explore the full store - I barely covered the first and third floor. Clearly there is a reason for the several eating establishments onsite. I could definitely spend several days on end there - I'll just crash on one of the bed displays, okay?

{Image via Manhattan Interior Design Examiner}
{Image via}
{Image via ABC Carpet & Home}
I was so in heaven that I forgot to take pictures of my favorite items to share so I've found some (though not all, le sigh) on their website. All this fabulous things can come home with me. The dwellstudio pillow was on sale, fabulous with my new white sofa yes? These little bowls are delightful, they would be awesome at a formal dinner party or at Sunday Night Taco Dinner. 

{Images via ABC Carpet & Home}

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