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Monday, March 7

Keep Calm and Carry On

{via Cut & Paste Print on Etsy}

Most of us are familiar with this British wartime slogan as it has recently become popularized in poster form. Here are a few of my favorite variations on a theme that will hopefully brighten up your Monday morning.

{via Keep Calm Shop on Etsy}
{via Keep Calm Shop & Poster Pop on Etsy}

And on the other side of the spectrum - who doesn't feel like this sometimes! I may get this to put next on my desk to make me smile when I do feel hysterical!

{via Sad Little Crow}


  1. There is also a poster floating around the interwebs which I couldn't find in time to post that reads something like "Freak Out and Throw Things." I highly recommend for therapeutic purposes just not anything breakable and not in front of others!

  2. That last one is the best version yet! I think I need to get one :)