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Friday, March 25

Jonathan Adler Animalia

I was helping one of my dear friends source a wedding gift yesterday and encountered the ceramic menagerie created by Jonathan Adler. Some immediately went on the "Potential House Warming Gift" list {get ready my fun loving friends} others were just amusing...I adore Adler's quirky sense of style! I also covet almost every single piece in his furniture line but back to ceramic animals:

{Peacock Lollipop Holder}
This is what made me sit up and pay attention! What possible use can this have in a home? Maybe for someone who REALLY enjoys lollipops. I find this very strange. Could is be used as a stem vase?

{Medium Gold Bird Bowl}
My first reaction to this gold bird bowl was this is kind of weird. And then it turned into I kind of really want one. I think it would be great as a catch all on an entryway table or to hold things on a desk!

{Medium Jade Bird Bowl}
 And then I found out it came in this killer jade green color too. 
Now I can't decide which I want more, le sigh. 
{Dachshund Bowl}
 Ummm, I think Dachshunds are cute and all but really? When I was in the JA store the other day I heard the sales person tell a customer that some people bought this to use on desks for paper clips, post its, etc. Can you imagine being in an interview or speaking with your boss and this was on his/her desk?

{Giant Horse Bowl}
Those who know me will think I've included this just for the heck of it, I'm a bit horse mad you see. However, I genuinely enjoyed the eastern lines of this piece. It reminds me of the ceramic horses you see in museums' Asian art galleries. 

{Animal Bottle Stoppers}
These are so adorable and practical. I'm not very good at opening wine bottles {I blame the pos corkscrew I own} so I need one of these. I'm thinking the bird even though I really don't like birds I seem to be fixated on them today...

{Utopia Elephant Mug}
I think I want one of these too? 
Maybe for coffee? Maybe to keep writing instruments contained on my desk?

{Whale Pitcher}

I've been looking for a whale pitcher forever!

{Images via Jonathan Adler}

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